Awnings for balconies

With the help of our bespoke bracket systems, we really can put an awning anywhere! A few of our customers who live in apartments have opted for one of our awnings, to provide some welcome protection on their balcony and into the living area.

We are choose to partner with Weinor for our awning products as they offer the best quality awnings in the market, with a huge range of different models, as well as optional extras to really make the most of your outside space.


Our bespoke brackets work by spreading the load of the awning down the wall on a single story building and providing a framework to fix the awning into. We can make steel brackets to any specification and they can be powder coated any of 47 different RAL colours to match the hardware of the awning or to blend in with the brickwork. As well as being able to fix an awning onto a balcony, brackets also allow awnings to be installed safely onto single story buildings.

If you are thinking about an awning for your outside space, please give Simon a call on 07760 213 844 and he will be happy to talk you through the options.

Awnings Awnings

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