Curtains and blinds

We are really pleased to have dressed the windows for another stunning show home by Hodson Developments. These curtains and blinds have been carefully chosen in the highest quality fabric and are all handmade with great care and attention by our in-house seamstress.

Hand made curtains

The curtains and blinds have been lined and interlined for thermal properties. When the curtains are dressed, this also helps give the appearance of more fullness to the curtains. These curtains are designed to be a wave curtain, which means when they are pulled across they still hold their wave like form and when they are opened they again stay in their waved form. This makes the curtains always look shaped to give character to the room. They are mounted onto a special wave track which has to be hand made. This track is corded evenly throughout to again help keep the shape of the curtains whether they are opened or closed.

Hand made roman blinds

These particular roman blinds have been designed to have a waterfall effect when the blinds are pulled up, they giving a more striking effect, which is important for people visiting the show home. The blinds are ‘stab stitched’ which hides any sew lines, or imperfections in the blinds when they are pulled down to give an overall smarter, higher quality finish. The roman blinds are fitted onto roman blind ‘kits’ which allows you to operate the blinds with a side winder and this can also make the blinds look neater as there are no cords hanging down. However, we do also have to fit this with a child safety device to meet current regulations. The interlining also gives the blinds a fuller look when they are pulled up.

To find out how we can help with your window coverings and to find out more about our handmade products, please call Simon on 07760 213 844 and he will be happy to guide you through the options.

Curtains and blinds


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