Motorised screen fabric roller blinds


Blinds for bi-fold doors

We are finding that with the rise in popularity of bi-fold doors, clients are coming to Bramley Blinds for advice and recommendations on window coverings for them. Favourites at the moment are usually black out fabrics or screen fabrics. There is usually a balance between letting light in – which is a big feature large bi-fold doors – whilst maintaining a degree of privacy. Also there are other factors to consider such as space; there is limited space around bi-fold doors for traditional types of blinds, as well the aesthetics, generally there is a minimalist look, as the powder coated framework becomes a feature of the doors, which you want to make the most of and not have covered up.

Hand-made wooden pelment box

In this example, we provided powder coated bottom rails and a pelmet to match the colour of the doors. This gave a really clean overall look as the pelmet hides the roller system up and out of the way, and the bottom rails make the fabric hang properly, as well as protecting the fabric to keep it clean. Our clients also opted for a battery powered motor system by somfy enabling them to operate the blinds wirelessly and without any hard wiring.

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motorised specialist screen fabric

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