Motorised screen fabric roller blinds

Our client had recently moved into their new home; a stunning barn style conversion. This meant that there were large floor to ceiling windows throughout the property.  We recommended a motorised system, particularly as many of the windows were difficult to reach given the height of the windows.  The perfect solution to this was our specialist Mermett screen fabric. This provides absolute protection from sun and UV rays as well privacy.  One of its key features is that there is visibility through the fabric as it filters light into the room.

These all work from a Somfy wireless remote control system, allowing the user to control the blinds separately or as a group.

The photos below shows the floor to ceiling lounge window before installation and the windows after installation.


Window before installation


Motorised screen fabric roller blinds, half way closed




Motorised roller blinds, closed position, view from stairwell

As a security measure, the blinds in the hallway were fitted with a timer device which automatically lowers and raises the blinds at a specified time.


Motorised roller blinds, hallway, timed remote, halfway down




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