Pleated side blinds for bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are becoming more and more popular and people often find themselves with a dilemma when it comes to window coverings. These can range from fully motorised screen fabric to pleated blinds, as shown in this example. Pleated blinds take up less of the window when pushed to a closed position, so if our clients’ require a minimal look that won’t enclose the room or windows, pleated blinds can be the better option. For this project we powder coated the hardware to match the door colour and the colour of the fabric is light grey. Bi fold doors can be real heat conductors due to the size of glass panels and this particular fabric has a reflective coating on the back of them which helps reflect the sun keeping the room cooler and equally, when the glass becomes cold in the winter, they will also help act as a thermal barrier.



pleated blinds



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