Roof light blind

We’ve been keeping busy this summer keeping our customers cool in the unprecedented heat! Today’s installation of a roof light blind was very much looked forward to by our client who was really feeling the intensity of the sun through their roof light.

They had tried everything for this roof light from shade sails to pleated roof blinds by different companies but after a visit from Simon, it was decided that the best option was to install one of our zip roof light blind systems.

The requirement from the client was to be able to install a product that will fit in with their neutral decor and allow some of the light to filter through without the harmful UV rays This is a screen fabric that will provide thermal qualities that will keep the heat in during the winter months and the heat of the sun out in the summer months.

We worked with their electrician to get the power supply installed up to the roof light. The blind is operated by a wireless remote control, for ease of use and safety, as the window is above a stairwell and difficult to reach.

This roof light blind was installed onto a shelf, with the best will in the world, every recess we have come up against is always out of square. What this shelf does is allow us to fit the blind into the space and also hides any gaps from the non-square recess. It also creates a frame for the blind to sit in, which makes it really discreet and seamless.

This zip blind system works by pulling the fabric across using side channels to keep the fabric taught across the window.  All in all, we were really pleased with the overall result, and more importantly so was our client! They can now enjoy the rest of the summer months in comfort and for many more summers to come.

roof light blind

roof light blind

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