Rooflight blinds

Really happy with the finished rooflight blinds for our client’s stunning roof lantern at their lovely home in West Molesey.

It is a very popular design feature these days to add a rooflight, roof lantern, or orangery to a building to let the light flood in, whilst making a striking feature out of the roof or ceiling.  These rooflights, however, whilst a stunning addition to a room, can also let in a lot of glare from the sun.

In this particular case, the light that came in from the roof light was so bright that our client struggled to see the television and found that he wanted to be able to control the light levels.

We are suppliers of the UK’s leading brand of rooflight blinds, Shy Zip. The blinds come in two standard hardware colours, white and black. Fabric for the zip system can either be a screen fabric like the one in these photos or a blackout, if it was needed for a bedroom for example. The blackout will offer 99.9% black out.

Rooflight blinds work with a zip technology which when the blind travels across the opening the zip on the fabric locates into a specially designed insert in the side channel. This keeps the blind fabric taught at all times when it is opening and closing. This also means that the fabric won’t come out of the side channels with any gusts of wind, keeping it fully in place.

The systems are usually motorised because they cover a large area of glass, this makes life easier for the user. The motors can be run into a home automation system and also can work off a wireless handset if required. These particular blinds have a double motor (one at either end) because of the size of the roof lantern, which allows the fabric to stay taught at all times, so there is no rippling or sagging or the fabric. One motor operates the blinds the other motor keeps the fabric taught as it is travelling across and they switch as the fabric travels back again.

To find out how we can help you with shading solutions for your rooflight, please contact Simon on 07760 213 844.

Rooflight blinds Rooflight blinds Rooflight blinds

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