Specialist awning installation

We were challenged by our client to come up with a solution for an awning on their single story extension to cover their south facing patio area. The issue was that there was no available wall space to fix the awning to. Our recommendation was to create bespoke brackets that fixed onto the RSJ. This involved removing some of the tiled roof to give access to the RSJ to which we fixed three bespoke powder coated steel brackets. The awning was fixed to these brackets in an elevated position. It was a highly engineered solution, that involved using our roofing specialist who we work closely with. The end result is a neat installation, with the awning looking as though it’s almost floating. It is fully motorised with a wind and sun motion sensor.

Bracket into RSJ

Awning bracket

Bespoke awning bracket in RSJ

Weinor awning with bespoke bracket

Weinor seminar

awning retracted

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