Triple installation of awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds

Yesterday’s job was a triple install of awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds at our client’s lovely sunny house in Surrey. The south west facing garden meant our client’s had sun all day in the back of the house and we recommended different solutions for each area.


The two Weinor awnings provided some much needed protection for the downstairs and also makes a wonderful entertaining area outside. Both awnings were fitted with with motors, so they can be operated easily using a handheld remote. The awnings come complete with wind and sun sensors to allow the awning to come out automatically with the sun. This is great peace of mind for client’s as they know the awnings are doing their job without them having to be at home.

Dutch canopy

The office had direct sun in the morning when our client was working at his computer, so we installed a dutch canopy which folds down at 90 degrees and will shade the whole room all day. Once finished with the canopy, they can simply pull the blinds up and out of the way. Dutch canopies are great for smaller windows and if a smaller projection is required. The smaller size makes them very easy to operate manually.

Pleated blinds

For the very sleek garden / music room, this became like an oven with all the sun that we have had recently.  We designed some pleated side blinds to fit very neatly in front of the windows which will enable sun shade and also some privacy if required. The pleated blinds have a solar reflective coating on the back which takes all the intensity and UV rays out of the sun helping to protect the room.  All the hardware was powder coated to match the paint inside.

To find out how we can help you with your shading requirements, please contact Simon on 07760 213 844 and he will happily guide you through the options.

awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds

awnings, dutch canopy and pleated blinds


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