Weinor Semina Awnings

Awning season is upon us and nothing says ‘spring’ time as much as this these striking awnings by Weinor. We were asked by our client to provide two awnings both with different specifications. One has a projection of 2 metres, the other slightly larger at 3 metres. The specification for the smaller awning was to protect the room and the antique furniture within it. Whereas the larger awning was to be used to maximise their outside space, allowing them to use their patio all year round. The awnings are a great addition to their lovely sunny garden.

Blind and awning consultation & advice

We take pride in the advice and expertise we can offer our clients to ensure that they get the perfect solution for their needs, whilst working within a budget and we do not recommend anything that the client either doesn’t want or need.



Weinor awning projection

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