Looking after your awning

Bramley Blinds has a few tips for our customers on looking after their awnings. This will help to preserve the longevity of the fabric and keep the awning in good order for years to come. We also offer a winter storage service where we collect and store your awning or canopy over the winter months and will return and re-install it in the spring, or earlier if required. As part of this service, we also offer a cleaning service to valet your awning, if required.

Keep it clean

  • Don’t allow dirt to accumulate on top of your blind. Gently brush off loose objects like leaves and twigs before attempting to retract the blind.
  • Hose the blind down from time to time but allow the fabric to dry thoroughly before closing the blind. When it’s time for a more thorough clean, use a mild soap (not a detergent) and immediately rinse away every trace of residue. Never use a harsh cleaning fluid or an abrasive.
  • You can use a vinyl cleaner if your blind is of the reinforced PVC or shiny plastic type, but take care over the areas that have been sign written or screen printed.

Be gentle with it

  • Raise and lower it carefully. Don’t jerk on the mechanism or over-wind the controls if it’s a manual blind or awning.
  • Note that on flat awnings the cover must always roll over the roller.
    Avoid hanging anything on the frame work or allowing objects, e.g. cigarettes to fall on the cover.
  • When not in use, if it is not a motorised awning, do no leave a retractable blind in the open position. This minimises the possibility of damage due to vandalism or extremes of weather.
  • Never leave your blind or awning out during windy weather or when bad weather is expected, unless it is installed with a sun and wind sensor.
  • When it’s time to refurbish the blind or awning with a new cover, or if it’s ever necessary to make extensive repairs, call Bramley Blinds to advise on the best solution.

Freezing conditions

  • Do not operate or use your awning in freezing conditions.
  • Do not allow snow or ice to accumulate on the awning.
  • If it is frozen then do not operate until the mechanism has thawed
  • If you have attempted to use an electric awning when it is frozen and it jams, consult Bramley Blinds before going further as permanent damage may occur on thawing.