Motorised blind systems

Our electric and motorised roller blinds can be operated individually or as a group, using the latest in wireless technology.

We have a specialist range of high performance fabric for you to choose from, with attributes such as fire retardancy, reduced glare and UV protection. This makes them ideal for office and commercial premises.

We use motorisation and controls by┬áSomfy – the world leader in the manufacture of blind automation.

In the home motorised blind systems are ideal for bi-fold doors where you don’t want to compromise the look of a room or the amount of light that comes into a room. They are also great solutions for those hard to reach places, such as skylights and conservatory blinds.

Bramley Blinds & Awnings can offer motorisation on any blind, from roller to roman, vertical, venetian to curtain tracks. Our client’s often opt for motorisation as a security feature for their home, for example all blinds can be put on a timer remote so if the occupant is away, the blinds will operate automatically at a set time, morning and evening.

For commercial use, our clients often opt for motorisation for ease of use as they can be operated in a group or automatically. They also make the work place safer and can be a very stylish finish to any project.

To find out how a motorised blind system could work for you, call us on 07760 213 844.